Living Outback

The genesis of many projects is often difficult to pinpoint. As I recall, Living Outback possibly had its beginnings some years ago, when I attended the Men and Boys Symposium in Adelaide, organised by the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies.

In conversations since then, particularly with one of the directors, Dr John Ashfield, the idea of a radio initiative addressing some of the issues facing rural and remote communities gradually emerged, initially with a focus on men’s health and wellbeing, but then broadening out to look at some of the issues facing communities living without some many of the services and amenities available to city folk, and coping with distance and sometimes relentless natural disasters.

For this project, I was able to travel into some parts of Australia for the first time and to meet some amazing people. Interviews recorded with people living and working in four states are featured, along with input from a range of professionals who work with those living in distant places.

The fifteen radio programs continue to be available as podcasts, through this website.

Tony Ryan

My thanks to the funding body – the Community Broadcasting Foundation in Melbourne, and to the Community Radio Network, part of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia in Sydney, for making Living Outback available nationally.

The production team at PBA FM would welcome your comments on Living Outback.

Tony Ryan
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