04. Farm Safety – The Reality

Improving On-farm Health and Safety
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So what does the research tell us about the health of farmers and rural communities around Australia? How safe are farms as workplaces? And what of the health and wellbeing of farming men, especially in times of drought, flood and fire? In Living Outback this week, we speak to Associate Professor Susan Brumby, Director of the Centre for Farmer Health in Hamilton Victoria, and to Stuart Willder who works closely with rural men experiencing difficult times.

Mark Atcheson
Associate Professor Susan Brumby
Kathy and Rob Henry
Alison Hescock
Stuart Willder

First Broadcast – Monday 22 April 2013

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Relaxation at Last - Farmer Health Means Not Being Married to the Farm. Photographer Katie Dopheide Victoria

Relaxation at Last – Farmer Health Means Not Being Married to the Farm. Photographer Katie Dopheide Victoria

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Health Status and Behaviours of Australian Farming Men
Stuart Willder, Susan Brumby
Published in New Male Studies, Volume 1, Number 2, 2012.

The Sustainable Farm Families (SFF) program in Australia has been researching the state of health of farming men and women over the last six years throughout Australia’s agricultural industries. Health data gathered have been instrumental in providing industry partners with insights into the current health status and relevant health issues of farming men and women. this paper focuses on the outcomes of research relative to the male cohorts and their clinical indicators over the course of the research. Male participants across varying ages and farming sectors gained information and knowledge, and received clinical assessments and intervention in the course of the research. Positive effects were experienced by male farmers of different ages and across farming industries. the qualitative and quantitative results reveal that regardless of prior attitudes, both men and women learned and changed the way they think about and act upon their health, wellbeing and safety.

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