15. Thinking Outside the Square

Stories of Success and Enterprise in Rural and Remote Australia
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Successes of industry and enterprise are to be found in some of the most unlikely places. Some enterprises in rural and remote communities are flourishing in spite of isolation, harsh conditions, and seemingly limited opportunities. Are there things to be learned from these examples that could help other communities thrive and shape a new future for themselves?

In this, the final program in the Living Outback series, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan interviews Peter Kenyon, Director, Bank of Ideas, on initiatives for the development of enterprise and resilience in rural and remote communities.

Cheeky Charlie and Dave the Duck. Photographer Kath Kelly, Victoria

Cheeky Charlie and Dave the Duck. Photographer Kath Kelly, Victoria

Thinkabout Talkabout
Dr John Ashfield

There are lots of positive examples of creative initiatives in rural communities; hopeful signs of the possibility of a positive future.Producer’s markets springing up – such as the one in Wirrabara, South Australia – which is giving a new focus and impetus to a community that has not been in a good place, with closing businesses and a shrinking population. Who knows where that might take them if they can build on their success?

There are now quite a few farmers on smaller holdings that are talking with neighbours about collaborating and forming company structures to make their efforts more cost effective and profitable. This is a quite new development, and may be a good hedge against the corporatisation of farming communities.

There are successful tourism and hospitality enterprises in some of the least likely locations of the Flinders and far North regions of South Australia. The town of Orroroo, set on the edge of quite arid country, is a great example of a town, which, with a forward thinking council, has reshaped its image and tastefully renovated its streetscapes, to make it now a quite desirable place for families and retirees to move to. Also in the district, there is a specialised grain growing and overseas export business developing. Think of it, a local enterprise producing special wheat, which is made into flour and exported to India and Asia.

First broadcast – Monday 8 July 2013

Glowing Vision - Photographer Joanne O'Keeffe, Qld

Glowing Vision – Photographer Joanne O’Keeffe, Qld