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The fifteen Living Outback radio programs continue to be available through this website. To access the podcasts and related support materials, go to Podcasts

The former one-teacher school in Wirrabara Forest, Flinders Ranges South Australia.

The production team acknowledges the funding support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, and ongoing support from 89.7 Radio PBA FM in Adelaide, where this project was produced.

Living Outback looks at some of the issues facing rural and remote communities in Australia. Producer/Presenter Tony Ryan has travelled widely for this series, building on an original outline by Series Consultant Dr John Ashfield. Over thirty interviewees from four states speak on some of the realities of life in rural and remote communities that in recent times have experienced devastating floods ands fires, but which are also experiencing declining populations and services. But in spite of difficult times on the land and families affected by natural disasters, and fewer young people to take over from ageing farming men and women, rural communities are resilient.

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