Hi Tony – I’d like to pass on a big thank you to both you and the project’s funders for committing the time, vision and funding needed to produce such an excellent and varied collection of resources and engagement opportunities for and about an often forgotten social group: those living in rural and remote Australia. Through interviews and a great website, you have enabled those across the country, and beyond, to access, benefit from and hopefully continue the conversations commenced. Personally, I hope the website will remain available for a long time so the many students I teach by distance throughout rural and remote Australia may access and benefit from the wealth of knowledge and expertise shared about so many important topics! Thanks again for the invitation and opportunity to participate by sharing research findings about ‘tree change’ and for your tireless, and again, most excellent, work!!

kind regards,

Dr. Angela T. Ragusa
Senior Lecturer, Sociology
Charles Sturt University
Wagga Wagga NSW
Editor-in-Chief Rural Society
7 January 2014

Using technology to improve production. Photograph from Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.