About Tony Ryan

From 2005 to 2015, Tony Ryan was Project Manager at PBA FM, a community radio station in the Adelaide suburb of Salisbury South Australia.

Following initial teaching and with qualifications from both The University of Sydney and The University of Adelaide, for many years Tony Ryan enjoyed a long career in educational broadcasting, first with ABC Radio (including six years as Executive Producer Adult Education Radio), then with Radio Adelaide at The University of Adelaide, and finally with PBA FM in Adelaide.

On PBA FM in 2005, Tony commenced Learning Works, over 300 weekly radio programs over six years. In addition, he has completed several discrete radio/internet projects at PBA FM.

Media Projects (2012 – 2015)
Creative Male Ageing
In Search of a Good Death
Living Outback
Park Friends
The Big Screen
The Law Spot

Media Awards (1993 – 2015)
PBA FM, Salisbury, South Australia
Radio Adelaide, The University of Adelaide

Email Tony Ryan – learningworks@pbafm.org.au

The Ever-changing Rural Landscape
Photographer Debbie Cristinelli, Western Australia